Update to Oakville Conservatives

Dear Conservatives

On Sunday August 8th with the help of many of you I was selected as your federal Candidate for Oakville. One week later Justin Trudeau called an unneeded, vanity election.

No one asked for this election; however, it gives us a chance to reverse the destructive policies of the Liberal Government, elect a Conservative team and secure our country’s future through Canada’s Recovery Plan.

I would like to tell you a little bit about myself.

  • As a community Volunteer I served 11 years on the Board of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce, and was twice elected Chair. Six years ago I was appointed a member of the Town of Oakville’s Heritage Advisory Committee.  I have Chaired the Judging Panel for the Oakville Business Awards for 13 years and served 5 years as a director and treasurer of the Oakville Arts Council.  As a Volunteer for 4 years with Big Sisters Halton I had the fulfilling opportunity to work closely with and mentor a young girl.
  • In my time with the Business Awards, as a Senior Manager of Loans with the BDC and with the Oakville Chamber of Commerce I have literally walked the floors of hundreds of local businesses.
  • I have helped arrange financing for local businesses contributing to their growth and success, helping to create good paying jobs right here in Town.
  • For 20 years I enjoyed a very successful career in Fortune 100 companies across four countries as National Director of Marketing, Global Marketing Director and Country Manager.
  • An entrepreneur at heart, I founded, own and operate a thriving mortgage brokerage specializing in private financing.
  • I am a passionate sailor and soccer player, not afraid to take on the toughest challenges and meanest defenders.
  • It is my honour to live in an Oakville landmark heritage home along with my husband and my 89-year-old father, whom I care for.
  • “My focus is your focus…Quality of life, infrastructure, the environment, seniors, affordable housing, getting our country going in the right direction, our town…. I want to bring Oakville to Ottawa not the other way around!”

Here is how you can help us defeat the Justin Trudeau Liberals in Oakville and elect a Conservative Government in Canada.

  1. Volunteer – we need people to knock on doors, make phone calls, put up signs and help us to get our Party’s message out. Email Info@KerryforOakville.com and please let me know how you would like to help.
  2. Order a lawn Sign – Put up a lawn sign to show your support for Kerry for Oakville and the Conservative Party. Email Info@KerryforOakville.com with your contact information and location of your Kerry for Oakville sign.
  3. Follow us – and engage on social media by liking and sharing our posts and engaging your friends:
  1. Donate – so we can get our message out and defeat the Trudeau Liberals in Oakville (Details on how to donate will follow early next week.)

Look for updates on my website at KerryforOakville.com. In the coming days and weeks watch our website and social media accounts for how to donate, join us for campaign events including the office opening, door-knocking blitzes, debates and special announcements about how you can help defeat the Justin Trudeau Liberals in Oakville!

Keep Calm and Kerry On!

Take Action

Secure the future, help elect Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives and get Canada’s economy back on track.

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