Our COVID-19 Plan

My Party Has a Comprehensive Plan to Address and Defeat COVID-19

Canada’s Conservatives have a detailed plan to stop COVID-19 through accelerated vaccination, rapid tests, a national booster shot strategy, and, when approved, the roll-out of vaccines for school-aged children.

Here in Halton and across the land, the numbers are getting worse every day and Justin Trudeau has no plan beyond emotional speeches and using the issue to divide Canadians.

Canada’s Conservatives have completed consultations and research with some of the smartest people in the field and we have developed a detailed plan to unite the country and defeat COVID-19 for good.

National Surpass 90% Accelerated Vaccination Plan

Canada’s Conservatives have a detailed plan to get vaccination rates up over 90 percent within two months.

My Party will:

  • Launch a real national campaign with digital marketing, social media, and a mail-out to every home. The campaign will appeal to Canadians’ patriotism.
    • Conservatives will address vaccination skepticism compassionately and by working with leaders of communities.
  • Provide paid time off to get vaccinated
  • Provide free transportation to a vaccine clinic via taxi or ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft.
  • Cooperate with provinces to provide a national system of proof of vaccination that all provinces will be invited to participate in. This will also give Canadians a proof of vaccination they can use when traveling internationally.

National Booster Shot Strategy – Starting with Vulnerable Canadians

Canada’s Conservatives will deliver a national booster shot strategy in cooperation with the provinces, beginning with seniors and those who are immunocompromised. A Conservative government will prioritize the signing of contracts for booster shots to ensure that Canadians are protected as quickly as possible against new variants. Canada’s Conservatives will also accelerate homegrown development and production of vaccines by Canadian companies such as Providence Therapeutics, Sanofi, Medicago, and others.

All these measures are in addition to the plan to invest $3 billion to improve long-term care homes and to provide priority in immigration programs to bring in more personal support workers for long-term care and home care.

Accelerated Vaccination and Rapid Testing Strategy for School-Aged Children Under 12

Pfizer will submit an Emergency Use Authorization application to the US FDA for the 5-to-11-year-old group “by the end of September,” and for the six-month to five-year-old group “shortly thereafter.”

  • Canada’s Conservatives will ensure that Health Canada immediately begins a concurrent emergency review so that Canadians can get kids vaccinated without delay.
  • The FDA has been saying since May that it expects vaccines to be available for kids under 12 on a “fall or winter timeline.”
  • Health Canada must ensure that Canadian children are not left behind, without compromising our high standards.

A Conservative government will also immediately provide more rapid tests to provincial governments to allow them to conduct screening, particularly at schools. Until vaccines are available for children, rapid tests will be the first line of defence. Rapid tests need to be deployed at scale. Canada’s Conservatives will ensure that supply is available and provided to the provinces so they can keep schools safe this fall.

Emergency Rapid Testing Drive

Canada’s Conservatives will implement a national rapid screening program to allow businesses and public institutions to remain open in the face of future variants and protect the country. Making rapid tests widely available will help protect unvaccinated children while avoiding lockdowns if COVID patients are identified and isolated quickly.

A Conservative government will:

  • Make rapid test kits available to Canadians.
  • Accelerate Health Canada approval for self-administration of rapid tests so any Canadian who wants to take a test has access to one.
  • Approve those tests that have been approved in any of the UK, the US, the EU, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, and Taiwan. It is unacceptable that bureaucratic barriers have kept these tests out of the hands of Canadians.
  • Make a package of 10 rapid tests available for free to anyone in a high-risk profession and partner with retailers (both bricks and mortar and online) to get these tests distributed.


Secure the Border

One month after recording the highest-ever month for infected international arrivals, Canada broke that record in August with 737 flights landing in this country carrying passengers that tested positive for COVID-19.

  • A Conservative government will quickly close the border to travelers from hotspots where new variants are detected. New variants will not be allowed into Canada as Trudeau has done through his delays in enacting border measures to protect Canadians.


Supports for People and Businesses

Depending on the surge in case numbers and hospitalizations, provinces may make the decision to impose additional public health restrictions. Canada’s Conservatives will continue to be there for Canadian workers by helping them and the businesses they work for weather the crisis.

  • A Conservative government will be prepared to extend existing supports until the end of December 2021, if provinces are forced to reintroduce public health restrictions that threaten jobs. This will include the Canada Recovery Benefit, the Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit, the Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit, the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy, and the Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy.

Information and Cooperation

Canadians need accurate and timely information. Canada’s Conservatives will ensure that the Public Health Agency of Canada resumes twice-weekly briefings to answer questions and to explain the latest modelling and trends.

Finally, a Conservative government’s pandemic communications strategy will always be focused on achieving the highest vaccination rates and the best public health outcomes. Canada’s Conservatives will keep politics out of pandemic communications to focus on results.

Protecting Domestic Travellers

To protect the public and prevent the spread of COVID-19 through domestic travel, anyone boarding a bus, plane, train, or boat will be required to provide proof of vaccination or recent negative PCR test or take a rapid test.

Increasing Vaccination in the Public Service

Canada’s Conservatives will require federal public servants who are not vaccinated to take daily rapid tests.


This is our comprehensive plan.  It is the product of many hours of consultation and careful examination of the facts in front of us.  Elect me in Oakville, elect an Erin O’Toole government, and we will put this dynamic plan into action.  Enough politics, let’s start healing Canada!



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