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I often ponder “how will we grow as a community?”  How do we include and welcome new faces and new people in our midst? 


As a nation built largely on immigration, we have shown that we know how to do this. As a nation that welcomes close to 300,000 immigrants every year, we have to be mindful of their quality of life.  My party, the Conservative Party, is eager to welcome and accommodate newcomers.  We also know that this means preparing our host communities and providing services for those who have chosen to make Canada and Oakville their home.


The Conservative plan for welcoming new Canadians is built with dignity, compassion, and respect. This includes the need to put an end to discriminatory practices and recognizing the value newcomers add to our national life. 


Skilled immigrants have often struggled to find work in their fields of expertise. Many possess a skill set that we need to help Canada grow and thrive; yet, too often they have been compelled to take low-paying unskilled jobs because their experience is not adequately recognized here. 


Those who have chosen to come to Canada deserve a plan that provides clarity and a process that treats them with dignity, compassion, and respect. But the Liberal government record, when it comes to immigration, is one of mismanagement, year’s-long backlogs, and failure. 


The Liberals have failed to effectively manage the immigration system during the pandemic.  Their failure to put forward a coherent plan to ensure a fair, orderly, and compassionate immigration process during this pandemic has real consequences for those hoping to call Canada home.


We have heard from countless families affected by this Liberal government’s poor management of this file, and as Conservatives, we have responded with a comprehensive plan that works for both newcomers and communities like Oakville.  


Recognize Foreign Credentials 

Erin O’Toole announced the Conservative plan to strengthen credential recognition for newcomers and advance human rights around the world.  Helping newcomers maximize their success by allowing them to work in their field of knowledge and expertise is good for Canada and our economy.

  • To help remove barriers for the skilled professionals we need, Canada’s Conservatives will launch a Credential Recognition Task Force.


Strengthening Human Rights

An O’Toole government will stand up for fundamental human rights and align itself with the hopes and aspirations of everyday people, wherever they live. These policies will mark a sharp transition from the Liberal era of cozying up to dictators and tolerating horrific violence against the world’s most vulnerable.

  • Canada’s Conservatives will launch eight initiatives to strengthen and advance human rights around the world —


  1. Slave Labour. Revise supply chain legislation to meaningfully enforce Canada’s commitment not to import products made with slave labour.
  2. Travel Crime. Make it a criminal offence for someone to go abroad to participate in, or benefit from a serious violation of human rights, such as forced organ harvesting and trafficking.
  3. Abusers Not Welcome. Limit the ability of the government to grant waivers permitting human rights abusers to come to Canada.
  4. Parliamentary Accountability. Require the Minister of Foreign Affairs to table an annual report in Parliament outlining the work of the government to protect and promote human rights and democracy.
  5. Protect Prisoners Overseas. Create and maintain a public list of prisoners of conscience of particular concern and create mechanisms by which Canadians can petition to add names to that list.
  6. Monitor Assistance. Amend the Official Development Assistance Accountability Act to prevent Canadian development assistance from ever contributing to violence and violations of human rights.
  7. Public Accountability. Update and expand the Sergei Magnitsky Law to allow Parliamentarians and groups of citizens to directly petition the Minister to list officials under the law and require the Minister to respond in writing to petitions that have achieved a certain threshold of support.
  8. Human Rights Advisory. Create an International Human Rights Advisory Committee, with representation from a broad range of cultural and religious communities in Canada, advising the government on international human rights issues.


Our policy makes it clear that we aim to make life better for all people who live here in Oakville, or abroad. Our concern for quality of life extends from our doorsteps to prisons overseas. 

As Conservatives, we aim to protect the rights of everyone — whether they are new arrivals in Oakville or persecuted citizens abroad.  You have my word, I will pursue this as your MP in Ottawa.



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